Stock Ponds

stock pond

Bin There Hunting is Louisiana’s source for game fish pond stocking. We are Louisiana’s premier source of bass, coppernose bluegill, hybrid bluegill, fathead minnows and more! We have been stocking ponds in Louisiana since 1989. With over 20 years of experience we feel that we have both the experience and expert advice to offer our customers, to help you have the best fishing experience possible, in your own backyard pond.

Fishing these small ponds does not require technical fishing expertise. Simple fishing outfits for children like the Zebco line of youth rod and reel combos are perfect for kids. Zebco’s most popular brands for children now include a Go Diego, Go, Garfield, SpongeBob Squarepants, Dora the Explorer and The Penguins of Madagascar line. These kid friendly rigs float if dropped in the water and include 6-pound test fishing line, fun bobbers to practice with and a tacklebox.

For more veteran anglers, city park ponds are good places to practice or just relax. A lightweight spinning combos like the Pflueger Trion GX-7 found at most retailers is perfect for small ponds and for storing away in a vehicle.

Live bait in these ponds is not necessary, especially with the advancements in artificial bait technology. Berkley Fishing’s line of Gulp Alive worms, corn, maggots and Gulp dough nuggets will keep fish biting all day long.

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