Hunting Packages


Hunt Type
Dove $100.00 per person Hunting / Sunflower / Miller / Rice / Timberline
Teal $150.00 per person Includes Guided Morning Hunt, Breakfast After the Hunt.
Duck and Goose $150.00 per person
$80.00 Guide Fee Per Blind
Includes Guide, Decoys, Dogs, and Breakfast After the Hunt
Goose Hunt No Limit Special Season
$200.00 per person
Includes Goose Hunt, Blinds, Suits, Decoys, Guide, Electric Caller
Guided Half-Day License Shooting Preserve
$150.00 per person
Choose from:
12 Bobwhite Quail
6 Chuckar Partridge / 4 Pheasant
Includes Evening Hunt, Dog, and Handlers
Cajun Tower Shoot
Our Premiere Shoot
$350.00 per person (10 Minimum) Lots of Fun and Action- 15 birds per hunter Includes Shoot, Dogs, Handlers and Meal
Lodging $75.00 per person
$50.00 per person
Non-Hunter $50.00
RV Hookups $25.00 per Night
with Meals
without Meals


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We Also Offer Fishing with a stock pond, skeet shooting, and shooting at night!

*Bird processing is available and packed in your ice chest*

*Special Rates on Kids 15 and Under*


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